The LAUNCH Apprenticeship Network brings together the region’s community colleges, high schools, and Workforce & Economic Development departments by creating a dynamic apprenticeship system for residents and businesses in the Inland Empire. By forming a networked partnership among the educational institutions of our region, we provide a streamlined approach to developing and launching new apprenticeship programs and increasing pathways to higher paying careers and economic growth.
LAUNCH provides schools with a structured cost-effective approach to starting apprenticeship pathways for their students and community. Joining LAUNCH unites your school to a network of industry partners, workforce and economic development initiatives, educational leadership and community organizations. Partners within LAUNCH work collaboratively on the same mission: Solving the Inland Empire’s skills-gap.
To help your school get started, the LAUNCH team will identify available apprenticeship tracks that you can align with and begin offering immediately, or we can work with your school to develop new apprenticeship program pathways.  Either way, the LAUNCH Apprenticeship Network supports you with the tools and resources to coordinate apprenticeships. This includes providing work-based learning tracking systems, interfacing with the Workforce Development Boards, internal staff training, and working collaboratively to support your industry partners.
By embedding apprenticeship into our regional educational system, LAUNCH provides a systematic framework for directly linking educational pathways with career success both in K-12 and higher education. By joining LAUNCH, your school can provide your students with more options and more opportunity.
For more information on how your school can join the LAUNCH program, please call the LAUNCH Apprenticeship Network at (909) 452-2422 or click here to get connected.

Schools Affiliated with LAUNCH: