The LAUNCH program offers students opportunities to advance in a career while they continue their education. Students receive paid on-the-job training and tuition-free education that directly supports their development in their profession.
Apprentices come from different backgrounds and experiences, and have different professional goals, but they all have one thing in common. They are ready to make an impact at their company and they are ready to grow in their profession.


The LAUNCH program consists of two primary elements: education in the classroom and training in the field.
The combination of these two components forms a dynamic relationship where each complements the other, resulting in greater knowledge and development for the students. The instructional component of apprenticeship provides students the opportunities to examine and delve into theoretical concepts and practice higher level skills for the first time. On-the-job, students get contextualize this instruction during their apprenticeship training by applying what they’ve learned. Those students then return to the classroom with new questions and issues to explore during their education.



LAUNCH apprenticeships offer significant benefits over training programs at private trade schools. The LAUNCH program works closely with employers to ensure students are entering the workforce with industry-demanded skills and aptitudes. Because of this partnership with business, LAUNCH apprentices can have confidence that what they are learning will advance their career. In addition, while trade schools often train students for only the most basic levels, leaving students on their own after graduation for certifications and licensing, LAUNCH continues working with apprentices while they start their career.
LAUNCH apprenticeships also cost much less than similar programs at for-profit private schools. Those higher costs often leave students tens of thousands of dollars in debt upon graduation. LAUNCH apprenticeships cost far less because they are run by the local public schools. Many of the LAUNCH pathways include a tuition-free college education as part of the apprenticeship. In addition, students are paid for their work while they train, so instead of ending the program with debt, apprentices have earned a salary and are already working by the time they complete the program.